Helping Freelancers Save More For Retirement

Save up to 3X For Retirement
In 15 Minutes

At most companies, you can save only $19,500 per year to a 401(k), perhaps with a small match. Unfortunately, that’s just not enough to retire.

You can actually save up to $57,000 per year in a 401(k), but most employer plans don’t allow it.

When self-employed, however, you can create your own plan – and save what you really need to retire.

Maximizing retirement savings – the My401k advantage

This is possible by creating your own retirement plan: a self-directed, Individual 401(k), giving you more control over your retirement than ever before.

Creating and managing a self-directed 401(k) used to be difficult, but My401(k) helps you get started with a few simple steps.

A Self-Directed 401(k) is the only way to maximize your retirement account.  

Freedom of Choice

Your 401(K) can be used to invest in many services, or just the basics. Choose a brokerage and we’ll allow you to maximize retirement savings there.

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